Michael Lamper - Lead Vocals
If fronting a band is an art form, fronting a Steely Dan band is high art. The songs are great stories, full of evocative, hilarious characters like Kid Charlemagne, Dr Wu, Josie, Janie Runaway, the Gaucho Amigo, Cousin Dupree, Peg, Lonnie the Kingpin, a hostage taker, a giddily lascivious uncle… Michael brings audiences into this world with a joy and charm that leaves the room screaming for more. His powerful, graceful, melodic voice provides the cannon fodder, while his sense of humor pulls the trigger. Handsome, talented and hilarious don't come together too often, but Steely Jam Musical Director, Michael Lamper has it all, and he uses every last ounce of it in bringing the songs, their characters and stories to life.

Amanda Barnett, Stacey Gibbs - Vocals
Steely Dan songs are stories, narratives. And as such, require a suitable Greek chorus. Amanda and Stacy grace the Steely Dan stage with harmony at once elegant and powerful. Both accomplished recording artists in their own right, they are the perfect complement to Michael Lamper's dramatic presence. When freedom is declared in My Old School, Amanda and Stacy sound the charge. When the Babylon Sisters shake it, they do the honors. And when Michael ruefully bemoans his lot in Hey Nineteen, Amanda and Stacy are there to make it all better with the Cuervo Gold and the fine Columbian.

Mark Chosak - Guitar
Growing up in Los Angeles, Mark has lived and breathed this music for most of his life.  He credits the wonderful and essential guitar parts created by such masters as Walter Becker, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Denny Dias, Skunk Baxter, Elliot Randall, Steve Khan, and many more as the basis for his guitar-education.  A professional session guitarist and composer for film, TV, games and advertising, Mark studied music at UCLA and The Grove School Of Music and has performed and recorded with many artists over the past 25 years.

Jory Schulman - Guitar
Jory Schulman attended Berklee College and USC, and is currently on the faculty of Santa Monica College, also teaching in the Torrance Unified School District.   His ear and feel for the music of Steely Dan is as natural as his unmistakably great solos.

Todd Richmond - Bass
Where there is groove, there must be bass. In this case it's Todd Richmond. He entered college as a music major, but somehow ended up with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Todd has played all over California for the past 30 years as well as gigs/albums in Japan, and moves seamlessly between jazz, funk, soul and rock. No wonder he is at home playing the tunes of Becker and Fagen.

Ron Mendoza - Keyboards
You can't just sit down and play this stuff, you have to live it. And Ron has been here before. A veteran of several Steely Dan bands, Ron knows this material better than just about anybody on the planet. A schooled, soulful keyboardist, Ron brings to life the inimitable Donald Fagen style.

John Platero - Drums
John has been playing drums longer then he’s been brushing his teeth. His grandmother gave him a drum set at the age of two and he’s never stopped. With over 40 years of experience in a variety of musical styles, John is honored to play tribute to the top studio drummers in the world. Steve Gadd, Jim Keltner, Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie, Rick Marotta, Ed Greene, Paul Humphrey and James Gadson are the foundation for the Steely Dan catalog. To have the privilege to play tribute to these drummers is both a joy and challenge.

Julie Sussman - Sax, a.k.a. "Julie Sax," (and formerly known as “Julie Flute”) grew up in New York. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied with legendary masters Joe Viola, Jerry Bergonzi, Herb Pomeroy, and Phil Wilson, among others, honing her jazz abilities. Her almost 20-year span playing Latin music in New York solidified her command of tight horn section playing. Now she is a California resident where she plays a variety of musical genres, ranging from saxophone quartets to small jazz ensembles to swing bands to original R&B groups to blues bands to – most recently – Steely Jam.

Keith Fiddmont - Saxes
Frederick (Keith) Fiddmont moved to Los Angeles in 1991 after leaving the legendary vibraphonist Lionel Hampton to begin a two-year stint with singer Rickie Lee Jones. He has recorded or performed live with such legends as Stevie Wonder, Luis Miguel, Diana Krall, Christian McBride, Marcus Miller, James Brown, The Temptations, Jennifer Holliday, Natalie Cole, Nancy Wilson, and B.B. King (Grammy award winning One Kind Favor), as well as gifted artists like Wayne Brady, Billy Childs, Queen Latifah, Michael Buble, and John Pizzarelli. His tenor help the Steely Jam sound soar.

David Robin - Founder / Drums
Steely Dan created some of the greatest grooves ever heard. Notorious for squeezing every last ounce of funk out of the best drummers in the world, when you play Dan tunes, the beat bar is as high as it gets. As we usher in a new chapter in the Steely Jam story, we pay tribute to our beloved founder, drummer, and inspiration for this band's existence, David Robin, who left us too soon. A native of drizzly, rainy London, David moved to sunny Los Angeles in the 80s, and discovered that you can indeed check out any time you like, but you will never, ever leave. An accomplished rock, jazz and funk drummer, David has been the soulful engine of Steely Jam.

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